What Do We Do?

Easy And Secure Traceability Tokens & Vendor Marketplace

We empower anybody to easily and securely purchase traceability tokens, setup a store, and attach tokens to any products you would like to sell on our marketplace.

Sell your products and accept Crypto as a payment easily and securely.
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No Hassle Asset Creation

No hassle with exchanges, create your asset, pay with Credit Card and you are done. Tokenize any item or product in less then a minute securely on the Raptoreum Blockchain.

Rest Easy

Assets are created on Raptoreums Blockchain which is secured against 51% attacks. Unlike Ethereums ERC20 tokens your assets cannot be accidentally destroyed.

We Support You!

We are here for you, and it is always easy for you to get in contact with us. We want to see you and your project succeed in this brave new world of Blockcahin technology.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Eliminate incurred costs due to fraud

Save money by eliminating fees from gateways and banks

Add traceability to your products and engage your customers with its story