WeUseRTM Easy And Secure Traceability Tokens & Marketplace

We empower anybody to easily and securely purchase traceability tokens, setup a store, and attach tokens to any products you would like to sell on our marketplace.
Sell your products and accept Crypto as a payment easily and securely.

Imagine a marketplace where you can sell your items and receive payments without worrying about fraud, charge-backs, high fees, or a customer being unable to purchase due to their location or Countries policies. Where if you so choose you can make your customers shareholders and send them dividends that cannot be blocked or censored.

Or maybe you would like the option of being able to send your customers messages that are not dependent on any outside service or carrier. Any customer that has purchased one of your items on the WeUseRTM platform receives a token that you attached to your product which enables these options. Vendor and customer interaction at a new level which is decentralized and cannot be censored.